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Personal Details

I am a technologist, entrepreneur, sportsman not just by mind, but by heart too. Born in Udaipur, India, I acquired Master’s Degree in Computer Application at the age of 25, and has over a decade’s experience in the IT industry. At present, I am working as a freelance architect (Robotic Process Automation, Test Automation Consultant, and as a VBA Expert )

My very first and official foray into entrepreneurship was in 2016, when I launched a dedicated website for kids called ‘GoliMoli’ ( GoliMoli lets kids take the wheels with the parent’s help by helping both the parents and children grown and learn together.

A calculated risk-taker by nature and a mind with a deep understanding of the tech industry has helped me to come up with the next big thing- ViraLogs (, This is an App which has the sole purpose of providing an entertainment fuelled platform for people from everywhere to anywhere, to be expressive about their likes and dislikes for something they feel to viral or spread with the world. I hopes that with the help of ‘ViraLogs’ App, people can spread the things which the world should know.

I married Aruna in 2008 and together we have a beautiful son, Moditya. I enjoys spending time with my family, especially with the apple of my eye- my son. I am a avid traveler, a photography enthusiast, who also enjoys games and sports.

I believe that entertainment is a tremendous force to be reckoned with. Through my love for movies, I have learnt a great deal. My top favorites are The Godfather, Schindler’s List, The Wolf of Wall Street, The Social Networking, The Reader, Shutter Island, Enemy at the Gates and a few old Hindi movies. I think; Entertainment, is the key to unlocking many a things.

Personal detail:

Date of Birth: 13thJuly 1980

H.No. 225/5, Sardarpura, Near petrol pump, Udaipur, Rajasthan, 313001

+91- 8209975456

Languages Known: English, Hindi

  • Playing snooker/Pool
  • Chess
  • Photography
  • Actively participating technical events
Visa/Passport status

USA B1 – valid till 2025

  • Pukaar NGO( Save tree organization)
  • NAAM NGO( for Farmers)
  • Mahakaal Trust NGO, Udaipur
  • Various other social activities.
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Contact Details:

+91 8209975456 ( India, Direct )

+60172835910 ( Malaysia )

+91 9822511786 ( India , WhatsApp)

+91-294-2527582 (India, Landline)