HyperAutomation| RPA | Digital Transformation Evangelist


As a certified senior advisor Anup leads the RPA Practice for different clients, where he advises clients and delivers on complex transformation customer journeys designing on leveraging Robotics, Autonomics, and cognitive automation.

Advisory Services

  • Digital CoE with team of RPA experts
  • Automation strategy roadmap and process identification
  • Architecture consultation
  • Tools identification
  • RPA feasibility /fitment analysis in terms of technology & configurations

Design Automation

  • Rich expertise in developing RPA applications for enterprises
  • Handling complex scenarios and automate various operations
  • Implementing foolproof solutions
  • Develop custom frameworks and accelerators
  • Customize RPA applications as per the requirements
  • Development of Bots
  • Solutions with AI/ML integrated cognitive automation
  • End-end delivery capabilities
  • Our support models are designed as per the customer needs
  • Train the trainer approach for RPA trainings
  • Managing the codes and support the development

Implement Pilot Robotic

  • Refine strategy and vision with regards to robotics initiatives
  • Support in preparation of the IT infrastructure, environments and security
  • Process capture: detailed documentation of the processes to be robotized
  • Configuration of the robots for selected processes
  • Perform process assessment of further processes to be robotized (finance function and others)
  • Business case and roadmap development
  • Conduct classroom training/self learning training

Sutainable Operating Model Design

  • RPA capability and CoE management owned by AnupUpadhyay’s Client
  • Opportunity scans across all functions
  • Capability building within Client environment to support the CoE in opportunity identification, automation, run and innovation in the business
  • In-depth support for scans and configuration to support BAU to the wider organisation

Build Digital CoE

  • Organization
  • Build COE organization structure and operating model
  • Implement governance model
  • People and Training
  • Define COE reporting structure, roles and responsibilities
  • Support on current skills assessment and fit gap / headhunting
  • Conduct on-the-job training on robotic methodology, tools, templates
  • Process
  • Define the RPA process selection and to-be process state
  • Communication
  • Develop communication strategy and approach
  • Continuous improvement
  • Implement operating framework to run and manage robots
  • Identify efficiency measures – KPIs and benefits


  • CoE org structure and operating model
  • Governance model
  • Structure/composition and CoE sizing
  • CoE roles and responsibilities
  • Competency requirements and training plan
  • Process selection/prioritization framework for further automation
  • Co-implementation of 1 medium and 1 low complexity processes
  • Playbook/methodology — blueprint for RPA onboarding
  • Communication strategy/approach
  • Process optimization framework
  • Operating framework to run, maintain and manage BOTs
  • RPA technical architecture
  • Efficiency measures — KPIs and benefits


A single Digital Operations CoE contains all automation and digital capabilities, and reports to one central function to coordinate efforts.

  • Centralisation of common activities, bringing standardisation and removing duplication of effort
  • Integrated solution delivery enables prioritisation and delivery of the right capability at the right time, fostering automation and digital thinking
  • CoE can extend to new automation and digital capabilities more easily
  • Increased capacity to develop resources and provide professional career progression
  • The consolidation of capabilities creates a larger CoE that will require more focus, time and funding to operate optimally