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Anup was a highly motivated individual during the implementation of the RPA Program in Electrolux. He supported the program with due diligence and enabled our teams to integrate and win. He took ownership of his role and is a team player during design thinking meetings. It was fun to work with him and I recommend him for future projects.

- David Francis | Intelligent Automation and Digital Transformation Practice Leader

Anup has very good technical skills in Automation Testing area. He is a team player and a very good individual to work with. I had a chance to work with Anup in USA for one of the major client and everyone was pleased with his enthusiasm as well as his on time deliverables in critical timelines. He is a quick learner and has made very good progress in emerging areas e.g. RPA. Wish him all the best for all future assignments / roles.

- Anil Sharma | Project Manager (BFSI) & Solution Architect (ITSM, ITBM Expert) - ServiceNow and PPM Service Line

Anup is a great friend and a highly technical professional I have ever met, from last 5 years we both know each other, and had a great discussion/ talks on various ongoing technology/ best practices/ automation tools and now a days RPA. He is always firmed and organized with his project deliverables and he always support others in many areas. Anup Upadhyay is now a leader with a great extensive knowledge and experience in different areas and he can be a great asset to any organization. His digital transformation adoption journey explain his proactive nature and his dedication towards latest buzz in the industry. I wish all the very best for his future endeavors and highly recommend him to top Industry giant to have him fir best solution.

- RAJIV GARG | Test Architect at Deloitte Consulting

Anup is one of the best techie and leader I have ever met, he has thurst for knowledge as well as he is always updated with the latest, I had lot of technology discussion with Anup on RPA, future technologies, industry knowledge, much more! He always amazed with his best suggestion and knowledge, Anup also believe in helping others in their career growth, and he is a great mentor to many of industry folks. He is humble and polite, and always available for any technical support. I wish all the very best to Anup for his future endeavors and highly recommend him to any organization for getting one man army role in RPA domain.

- Sandeep Bharti(Blue Prism Certified, CSM, ISTQB,CMMi L5)) Deputy Technical Manager at HCL Technologies

Anup is a sharp professional with a rich experience in Robotic Process Automation (RPA). His support of our digital journey have been extremely useful. I would recommend Anup to anyone who needs to succeed his RPA transformation, from Proof of Concept and business case, to scaled implementation project management, RPA center of excellence design, and change management.

- Nilesh Pandey | IT Specialist & Track Lead at HCL Technologies (Infrastructure Services Division)

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